Selling an Inherited House: What to Know

  Have you inherited a house and are beginning to weigh your options? If you’re wondering how to sell on inherited house, selling to a cash investor has many benefits. In fact, in many cases it  usually makes more sense to sell the property to an investor than list with a realtor (or other options)…

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How to Sell Your House – No Realtor, As Is!

No Realtor Necessary! When you need to sell your home fast, hiring a realtor can be more trouble than its worth. Not only is it going to mean more work, more time wasted and more expense getting your house ready to show — that’s assuming it’s even possible to get the home show-ready — but…

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Selling vs. Renting Out and Inherited Home

Many people who inherit homes consider becoming landlords, however, they don’t necessarily know exactly what being a “landlord” entails – but may think it is the best option….Or, is it?  After all, they can supplement their income and keep the inherited property.  Sort of like having your cake and eating it too!  However, before deciding…

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How Should I Sell My Inherited Houses

What You Need to Know ? Have you inherited a house from a loved one? If you have, you’re probably beginning to weigh your options. If you’re wondering how to sell an inherited house, selling to an investor can have many benefits. In fact, in many cases, it usually makes more sense to sell the…

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We Buy Houses Scams and How To Avoid Them

WE BUY HOUSES SCAMS How many times have you been driving down the street and seen the small curbside signs that read… “We buy houses and pay cash” or “We buy ugly houses”? Is this a legitimate industry or just another scam? There are genuine companies out there, however, you must protect yourself from those…

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Sold In One Week

If you are thinking about selling your home, chances are you’ve started noticing the abundance of roadside signs that read, “We Buy Homes Fast!”. Or, perhaps, you’ve received a post card that says “We Pay Cash for Houses” or “We Want to Buy Your House” from a real estate investor who wants to buy your…

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How to Sell A House Fast and For Cash

If you’re needing to sell your home quickly, and preferably for cash, you already know that it can be a stressful and frustrating undertaking. But you can take at least a little comfort in knowing that you are definitely not alone. It’s common for people to find themselves in a position of having to dispose…

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The Benefits Of Cash House Buyers

Whether you are selling your primary residence, a rental property or selling a home you recently inherited – there is a lot to think about. The first thought is usually along the lines of “how can I sell my house fast”, or “What is the easiest way to sell my home?” And/or, “how much will…

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