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How Does Elite Home Offer Work?

++What does your company do?

We purchase all types of real estate directly from sellers - Houses, Apartment Complexes, Retail Centers, Warehouses, Office Space, Mobile Home Parks, etc.  In so doing, we help our clients avoid lengthy marketing periods, numerous showings, inspections and broker/agent commissions and create one seamless transaction.  We purchase real estate with cash, and close fast.  And, in alot of cases, alow for the sellers to stay in their property until they find their next destination. We are local to the Greater Sacramento Area and are A Rated by the Butter Business Bureau.   Our reputation is what make Elite Home Offer the  "go to" Company for anyone in the market to sell real estate. 

++Who do you buy Houses from?

Anyone! We often work with homeowners who need to sell quickly, have a house in disrepair or those who have inherited a home and need to settle an estate.  They are looking for a fair and easy way to sell a house without having to make any repairs or pay any agent commissions. Our clients are just like you!

++Who do you buy Buildings from?

Yes, We Buy Buildings too - Directly from sellers and business owners!  We buy apratement complexes, warehouses, retail centers and office space.  We will buy your building directly from you, so you don\'t have to pay any broker commissions or make any repairs.  We buy "as-is" and close on your schedule.  We will even arrange for a sale/lease back, if needed.   

++Can you tell me about your experience?

We have over 20 years experience in purchasing property directly from sellers and maintain an A Rating by the Better Business Bureau.  Our vast experience allows us to ensure that we close transactions as agreed in the timeframe promised.   

++Are you licensed and insured?

Our company is fully licensed and insured for our protection and yours.

++How do you determine a fair price?

A number of factors contribute to our offer price: location, condition of home/building, and current market conditions. We look at comparable sales in the area and adjust values based on the specific condition of your home/building, the price for repairs, carrying costs, etc. and make you an offer. 

++When can you help me?

Anytime and the process is easy.  All you have to do is fill out our form, or give us a call.  We are available from 8am to 12am Pacific time and are available to answer any questions you may have.

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